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2009 Honda Ruckus - Lightning Strikes Twice
A Harmless Hobby Turns Into An Obsession

By Rodrez, Photography by Rodrez
Honda Tuning, May 26, 2010

Darryl Lamano's 2009 Honda Ruckus
If the name Darryl Lamano sounds a bit familiar to you, there's good reason. A few years ago, Honda Tuning Magazine scored Lamano's immaculate Si coupe as a feature car. We'd seen countless blue '99 Si coupes around, but few could find the magic combination of OEM and Mugen goodies that set his Civic apart from the pack. With his project car finally up to his strict standards, Lamano's conscience began pressuring him to pick a new canvas to create upon. Initially, the idea of building another car was a possibility, and not completely out of the question; especially since his daily grind placed him firmly behind the sales desk at JHP USA. A short daydreaming session was rudely interrupted by a sound that could only be one of two things; a swarm of angry, steroid-enhanced bees, or the sweet sound of a group of modified Ruckuses. It turns out that the new business park neighbors just so happened to be a little upstart by the name of Rucksters Customs. The constant flow of customers riding in and out of the complex proved to be too much for Lamano, and eventually he gave into temptation with a 2009 Ruckus of his own. He recalls "I kept seeing all of the Rucksters guys just cruising around on some really sick builds, and I wanted to build one too. They're so cheap and with so many options now, it's getting crazy."

With just two short miles on the odometer, Darryl began working with the Rucksters Customs crew to do an intensive ground-up build that would rival his Civic masterpiece. The plan was to strip the Ruckus all the way down to the bare frame, and add custom touches everywhere on the road back to completion. The first area of change focused on the tiny power plant. Though the engine only had a few miles of abuse, it was pulled in favor of the universally accepted GY6 150cc swap. An rPRO custom mount system and wire tuck helped make the swap simple and spotless. To add a little more power, a Mikuni TM32 carb, BTX customer header pipe, and Two Brothers muffler was bolted on. With great power comes great responsibility, so the Rucksters crew added KN Kikaku low-down forks and Kikaku rear shocks to keep the ride sporty and low-slung. Not wanting to take any shortcuts, Killer Scooter wheels and Dunlop rubber were chosen to make sure this Ruckus stays planted and vertical.

The most easily recognizable change to the Ruckus is the expertly applied Hypnotic Teal Mica paint with black wheels and accents. The Scion-based color, having made its way to a number of Honda Civics and Integras, adds a sexy touch to the innocent scooter frame. Taking cues from his automotive background, Lamano decided to compliment the new paint with a custom wrapped seat using Bride authentic gradation fabric with suede sides and blue stitching. The finish is factory fresh, and will undoubtedly require a double-take from every type of enthusiast.

Incorporating minute details into any build will make for a more complete finished product. Knowing this, Rucksters used custom parts at every turn, including the hardware, CNC billet levers, and frame caps that take the customization a step further.

When all was said and done, Darryl Lamano and Rucksters Customs had taken this once bone stock 2009 Ruckus, and built a one of a kind custom that will gets the thumbs up from car and scooter enthusiasts alike.

Bolts & Washers
GY6 150cc engine swap
rPRO engine mount system
rPRO custom wire harness
rSPEC wire tuck
Mikuni TM32 carburetor
BTX custom header pipe
Two Brothers muffler

Hypnotic Teal Mica paint
Powdercoated wheels, main frame, gas tank cover
BTX front frame cover
Bride gradation seat material w/blue stitching

KN Kikaku Low-down forks
KN Kikaku Low-Down Forks
KN Kikaku rear shocks
rPRO Monster drag bars

Brembo P30 front caliper
Nissin master cylinder
Steel braided front brake line

Wheels & Tires
Killer Scooter 12 inch wheels
Dunlop TT92 tires 120/80-12 rear,
100/90-12 front
Rays valve stems

rPRO Monster kickers
Daytona Gas Tank Cover
CNC Billet Levers
Dingleberry Integrated Rear Lights
rPRO Signature Series D-1 Kit:
-Billet washers
-Bar ends
-LED turn signals
-Axle puller
-Frame caps
-Key holder

Written by Tony Lac — February 20, 2014


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