• 50+ Riders
• 250 Beers
• 2 Magnum Bottles of Belvedere Vodka
• 60 Burgers
• 80 Hot Dogs
• 8 Large Pizzas
• 5 Large Bags of Nacho Chips
• 200+ Tacos

     The event started like any other. Riders slowly began to cruise in at about 2:00 p.m. We had a very excited group of outta towners including Chris of RC Scooters from Taiwan, Makoto of SCR Works Japan, Nari Chief Editor of Motochamp Japan, Yu Yamamoto MotoChamp Photographer from San Francisco, Will & Jay aka Brahdahood of Makoa Scooters in New York, Rob and Trell of Ruckhouse Florida, our very own Honest Mike of Scoot TV, Dooder of Mini Moto Lab, Uncle Curly of Seattle, Miss Bunny Foo Foo of Portland and a gang of people from far and wide including Missouri, Canada, Arizona Ruckstars, San Jose, Portland, Seattle, San Diego. If I missed anyone, I apologize. The whole event was quite a blur. 
     Once the riders got there, they were treated to a nice BBQ that included the owner's TONY RUCKSTERS HOMEMADE CHILI. Free drinks and BEERS were had by all. Some last minute wrenching for the few outta towners getting their bikes ready for the Sunday's epic ride. We got to meet a lot of new friends and caught up with some old buddies. After all the chit chat, grubbing and dranks, we held a $2 raffle with proceeds donated to the Arcadia Police Department. If you don't know...our neighbors are always complaining about the noise so we had to pay the city off to leave us alone. 
     But this was not your typical raffle. A few numbers were drawn for T-Shirts donated by Makoa Scooters as well as JDM goodies from our buddies in Japan and Motochamp. Many rPRO parts and goodies were also given away. But by the time we got to the last 4 prizes, we made people work for it.

• 4th Place: Prize was a stifler bar that we drew 4 numbers from. The contestants had to go find us a 10mm socket without going into the shop. Seeing grown men running around like chickens with their heads cut off was a sight to see. 
• 3rd Place: Prize we had 4 lucky contestants play musical chairs. Yet again a funny sight to see 4 grown ass men hurting each other for a chair. 
• 2nd Place: Prize was Neu Impact Footbar donated by Neu Impact owner Daniel Brooks. For this we selected 4 contestants. First to down a can of beer was winner. Our local boy Tom aka Jungle took it down like a champ. 
• 1st Place: Prize was our very last rPRO v2 MONSTER BAR BLK w/ REVERSE PLATE. 2 Very lucky gentlemen Jame Guru Pham and Big Red of Portland were selected. The contest?................................SLOW RACE!!!


     The night ended with a ride to L.A. to our personal spot RUCKSTERS / SIL TACO STAND. Hands down our favorite tacos in L.A.
Thank you to all that attended and to those who purchased raffles for a good cause. The RUCKSTERS CREW wishes to thank everyone for the good times. Many Thanks to our sponsors who also donated to the raffle:
• Makoa Scooters
• Neu Impact
• Motochamp
- Rucksters

Images courtesy of Mike of

Written by Tony Lac — May 09, 2014


Fred :

Hello, i’m from Argentina, i like your bikes I like their bikes , and I would like to know if there are any Ruckus kit for honda elite 250, to bring to Argentina .
Thank for you Kind reply.

April 30 2016

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