Our newest build for 2015. Equipped with all the best rPRO one-off parts!

Rated-X 12"x7" 2-piece rear wheel, custom cherry brushed painted with the new rPRO Stainless Steel GY6 Swing Arm

Tucked under the rear frame, these rPRO Custom LED Tail Lights are simple and clean. 

Raw and custom cherry brushed painted rPRO Monster Drag Bar V3 and Koso Digital Volt Meter.

One off raw rPRO Chin Bone, rPRO Step Rails, rPRO Step-Tone Keyless Gas Cap, custom painted NCY Gas Tank Cover and Rat Koubou Under Cowling.

This is one of our favorite parts from Japan, Rat Koubou Stem Cover & PIAA Light Kit. This really gives the bike a super clean finish.

Rated-X 12"x4" 2-piece front wheel with custom cherry brushed paint with matching rPRO hub.

Custom rPRO Frame with rPRO Seat Rails. 

This very sexy rPRO Premium Leather Upholstery with rivets and "X" inlay gives the bike the last finishing touch.

One-off raw rPRO Chin Bone, rPRO Step-Tone Keyless Gas Cap, custom painted NCY Gas Tank Cover and one-off Stifler Bar.

Custom rPRO Rear Frame, rPRO LED tail light, center shock and a Street Series rPRO GY6 OG Flow Engine Mount.

Another awesome JDM part, the Hotlap GY6 Exhaust, this exhaust has a nice growl.

Red anodized NCY Variator Plate 

rPRO Rear Set Gusset Kit with rPRO Step-Tone Scallop Pegs, a stylish way to move your pegs back.

We added a unique custom kickstand, it's completely removable!

Lots of raw
T6061 billet aluminumm parts like, the rPRO Battery Box Logo EmblemRat Koubou Stem Cover & PIAA Light KitRRGS Low Down Forks and rPRO Step Rails.

Written by Tony Lac — January 22, 2015



Sweet! Did you build this for a client? Or selling? :)

June 15 2015


Jim, This is the owner’s personal build.

October 02 2015


I absolutely love this build and I want one exactly like it! Rucksters did an excellent job on my bike, Geko, and I would only have Rucksters build me another one. Let me know if this is a possibility. Please send me a quote.

March 26 2016

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