Day in the Desert Group Shot

Day in the Desert Group Shot

Sat, March 14, 11 AM
Meet up spot: Chevron (park & ride next to it)

Ride hosted by our Homie Brad Tres. One of the best rides of the year.
Coaches after the ride for chicken wings!

Written by Tony Lac — March 05, 2015



There are a few things that could cause the crack. Look very close at the crack, if you see any type of chip no matetr how small, it was caused by a rock while driving. You may have had a small stone chip and it did not break right away. Temperature changes cause the chip to crack in some cases. Another common reason is Rust on the pinch weld. It normally happens when the windshield has been replaced and the scratches on the pinch weld were not covered with primer and Urethane. Being a 2005 rust is not real probable. Sometimes glass just stress cracks for no apparent reason. I have put in new windshields and had them crack the next day. Just a defect in the glass. If after replacement it happens again, you may want to find out if the car has ever been wrecked. If a body shop didn’t repair the roof, or “a” pillars correctly it can cause a stress crack. It should cost you under $300 to get it replaced. You insurance may cover some of the cost, however you will have to pay any Comp. Deductible you have. Go to a reputable Auto Glass Company and talk to them. Sometimes they can waive your deductible. It doesn’t hurt to ask. Remember also, that cheaper is not always better. Make sure you get OEM replacement glass. Some after market glass has fit issues and are prone to leaks. The glass cannot be fixed no matetr what anyone tells you. So-called “Crack” repairs very rarely ever work and most Techs won’t even try it. It is illegal to drive with a broken windshield so be careful, the cops will pull you over for it and write you a fix it ticket.

December 25 2015

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