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Written by Tony Lac — April 16, 2015



If you check with mechanics they will tell you that the 650cc Yamaha v-star has one of the lowset service rates. That is to say, it spends less time in the shop than most motorcycles. I would go with the 650v-star with no miles as apposed to a 750cc shadow with 19,000 miles. The v-star also has ceramic cylinder liners for longer engine life. The shadow is water cooled which is just another maintenance area that will need attention. Plus, the v-star gets better gas milage.Edit, I checked Adam Stein’s claim that 650 v-star’s throw a rod about 50-60 thousand miles. I have found no such claim and seriously doubt that he is even a mechanic. Motorcycle consumer news rates the 650 v-star as a very reliable bike. They tested the bike clear up to it’s top speed and it didn’t throw any rods. I wonder if Adam Stein could list any sources or have any proof. Fact is the Yamaha 650-vstar is a reliable bike. I would think if the problem was so bad that he had 20 v-stars all with thrown rods that some reliable news source would know about it. Perhaps if he is a mechanic they all broke due to his work.

June 18 2015

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