2015 NS3 "Best Ruckus" Sponsors Choice Winner

2015 Ruck Out Long Beach "Best Ruckus" 

Spec Sheet:

rPRO GY6 Plug-n-Play 11-Pole Harness

rPRO Swing Arm

rPRO Sick Fins

rPRO Mad Max Exhaust

rPRO Chin Bone

rPRO Stifler Stabilizer Bar

rPRO Billet Step Rails

rPRO Signature Series Frame Caps

rPRO Signature Series Washer Kit V2

rSPEC GY6 180cc Big Bore Engine

rPRO Wire Tuck

rPRO GY6 Custom Engine Mount System & Core Axis Center Shock Mount

Turtle Head Tail Light

Custom Recaro Seat Wrap

Custom Front & Rear Fenders

Foot Break

Killer Navi Mount

Killer Beefy Bars 

Takegawa Oil Cooler

K&N High Performance Filter

Password JDM Kevlar Battery Box, Front Frame Cover, Fan Shroud, Gas Tank Cover

Honda JDM OEM Headlights

Rat Koubou Stem Cover

RRGS Low Down Forks

LTMW M3 Yellow Custom Paint Job

Written by Hai T — June 17, 2015



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December 25 2015

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