Congrats to our Winter 2014 #rucksterbomb winner @beezy619. Rucksters Swag & $50 Gift Certificate for our boy Norbert. It's that easy folks, put our sticker some where awesome, take a pic & hashtag #rucksterbomb!!! YOU COULD BE THE NEXT WINNER, come this Summer.

Congrats to our Summer 2015 #RUCKSTERBOMB Winner @gurus_foodnetwork This guy flew all the way out to Australia and Ruckster bombed Sydney Olympic Park!! A box of Rucksters Swag & a $50 Gift Certificate are going out today. Thank you for participating in the #RUCKSTERBOMB SWEEPSTAKES and for your continued support WORLD WIDE, YOU ROCK!!!

Written by Hai T — October 02, 2015

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