This year we took our show across the other side of the world to Tokyo Japan. This was not our first rodeo in the land of the rising sun. In 2013 we hosted Rucksters Rox Japan Con with the help of Tokyo Parts and SCR Works. With the success of that event, it was natural to make it happen again.

This year's event hosted by Yu Yamamoto, Yoshito Narishima and Tomonari Yamada coincided with Japan's Motochamp Magazine Race and Show Event and put on by our good friend Jay Martin over at Makoa Scooters. It was a wild weekend full of booze, eating, walking, more eating and oh yea a few scooters from all over Japan and one special bike that Rucksters built here in the U.S. and shipped to Japan.

Six weeks before the event, company owner and shop builder decided to build a fully tricked out Custom Honda Ruckus and ship in several large packages to Japan. Arriving Friday morning, the first day of the eventful weekend, Tony and prospect BJ built the bike in the Garage at SCR Works. Starting early in the morning and finishing just in time for USDMFREAX Parking Lot meet up which was put together by the badasses from USDMFREAX specifically for the shops that came from the U.S. The show consisted of many custom scooters from large to small. The night was full of excitement as we all looked on in awe of all the sick scooters. The scene in Japan is strong and thriving. It is a lifestyle and a reflection of how many people live there. We're hoping one day that it will transfer to here in the States. 

Day 2 found us riding out of SCRWORKS at 8 a.m. to get to the meet spot where many of the visitors rented bikes and scooters for the days ride. Over 100+ riders got together and hit the streets of Tokyo. An amazing route with much to see, the group got a chance to city life while enjoying the sweet smell of exhaust fumes. It was a great ride as the rain in the forecast hid behind the clouds and stayed that way just long enough for us to keep dry. Beautiful weather and great route kept all happy. Celebrations went on late into the night as a few of us got together, ate and drank the night away. 

Day 3 had us at the actual Motochamp Race / Show event. They setup up a few of the U.S. shops that were in attendance with a booth as everyone laid out their goodies for the JDM cats to scoop up. It didn't last long as they were all big fans of the USDM market of high quality parts and cool accessories. A large raffle was held and many of the spectators were rewarded with great prizes donated by all the shops. It was a great day and thank you to Motochamp, Makoa Scooters and all the shops involved. 

The rest of the trip was a blur. Way too much work but also way too much fun. Work Hard, Play Hard, Ride Hard. 



 Makoto San of SCR WORKS Japan picking me up at the airport


First taste of Japan. Yakitori in a dark alley. 

Friday morning we arrive at SCR WORKS. Check out this bagged turbo charged Mazda Swap Mini Van.

Mini UPS Truck

GETin Ready to assemble our bike that we shipped in packages to Japan. 

Liquid Copper Dipped Barrels w/ Brushed Copper Centers

Prospect BJ putting in dirt

Makoto San!!!

Clean ass MET

SCR WORKS custom Grom

SCR WORKS 206cc Beast Zuma 

One of my favotire Groms. Custom Swing Arm rocking 12x8" rear

Finished the build in 8 hrs with time to spare B4 the nights USDMFreax meet

Mitch you Bitch

Saturday Meet up for Japan CoN 2016

Rat Koubou in the house

Makoa Scooters riding "NUT2BUTT" 

Reverse Cowboy?

Ride ended at a food festival. as some may say.

We end the night back at SCR WORKS HQ with more food and dranks!!!

Some people can drink...others....well?

Next morning we start fresh and early at the MOTOCHAMP SHOW & DRAG RACES

We even have RUCKSTERS Fans in Japan. 

Masayuki Asada with his bad as zoomer

On this day all the bad ass shops were out displaying their finest.


Zoomer Trike

Beautiful Carbon Fiber Met



Matching Skyline for his wife

Drag Racing 1/32 miles

MotoChamp Photoshoot


Dinner time. The food here is unreal...even the fake stuff

My best friend in Japan. Yu Yamamoto

Meet up with the boys from Makoa Scooters, Ruck house & HMP

Recurring theme here. He didn't quite make it to the vending machine

Next day we got to visit the true originator and the one person who got me into this scene....Sekizawa San of.....


Sekizawa San was kind enough to take us on a tour of the Asahi Beer Factory but not before grabbing a bite at a local Ramen Restaurant. 

Dinner with MotoChamp & SCR WORKS

Japan's Famous Fish Market

Our visit wasn't complete until we got to visit MotoChamp HQ

Wind Jammers Factory

All handmade old skool style

Our last day in Japan. Thanks to the RUCKSTERS FAM for making the trip.

One last place to visit before we leave for a business meeting


As you can see they are into everything USDM & American Muscle

.....and over a few drinks and food, we close a deal with our friends in Japan. 

Our signed contract

...and as we hit the tail end of our trip, both sadness and excitement hit us. Sad that we had to leave Japan but excited of the memories we made and what lays ahead for us. Being able to meet and spend time with all the people that graced us with their presence really made the trip worth while. We appreciate everything Japan has done for us and so as we part ways with our Japanese counterparts we were blessed to spend the last hours with our favorite people. Makoto San and Yu San. 

Thank you for the memories. Sayonara!!!



Written by Tony Lac — October 28, 2016

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