rPRO Step-Tone Keyless Gas Cap

Please contact us for color combinations not listed.

Step-Tone series is our latest brainchild in our line of billet parts. Offering assorted anodized colors with two-tone combinations, gives the end user a more creative color palette to work with, thus achieving the best color scheme possibilities for their builds. 

• T6061 Billet aluminum
• Engraved Rucksters logo
• 2 Piece construction
• Requires use of bottom portion of OEM gas cap
• Gas cap (body)
• Gas top (center)
• Hardware included

Please choose color option:
Example - Raw/Black (body/top) 

We offer anodizing services (please check our color swatch) for colors not offered in our inventory. 
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Made in USA

$60 (Raw)
$65 (Anodized)