rPRO GY6 OG Flow Engine Mount

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After years of installing and using other GY6 mounts, we decided it was time to make our own. Lucky for us, being a premiere Ruckus shop, we were able to collectively gather all the right data by first hand experience based on the pros and cons of numerous GY6 mounts on the market. The idea was to create a mount that is flawless, aesthetically pleasing and moreover easy to install. But the hardest part was to create something that is original in design and function, avoiding the "copy cat" stamp played a key role. After months of preparation, the OG FLOW MOUNT was born and tested on our in house 232cc Grand Slam build. R&D for about 4 months with a few minor revisions before completion. The end result, one "BAD ASS" engine mount with a Lifetime Warranty. Style + Innovation + Quality = rPRO 

The OG Flow Mount is a handcrafted Ruckus engine mount for the GY6 7" fatty application. Each mount is formulated with precision from the creator, our shop tech Sonny. Our intention was never to make an affordable mount, our primary goal was to make the best mount for the application. One that is not easily duplicated, one that is original by design and one that will out perform all the other mounts on the market. The OG Flow Mount is the smoothest and strongest mount in the scene. Very low vibrations and fully functional design. Perfectly set horizontal motor, 45 degree rear shock angle, single long bolt application through the rear frame bushings and integrated stabilizer bar is set on the right to even out the weight distribution of the left heavy fatty application. Bar none, absolutely no corners cut, and the fact the it looks like it belongs is what makes the OG Flow Mount the best in the biz. 

• Engine mount & upper shock mount
• Designed for 7" width rear wheel with 3+4 
• Wrinkle finished powder-coat
• Rucksters logo cut-out
• All hardware included

Angled clocking flange & rear shock (sold separately) is recommended for this kit.

- No alterations are required on the rear frame, 100% bolt-on! 
- Rear shock mount will not work with D.O.R.F. seat frame without modification
- Mount will not work with the 232cc engine or 8.2mm stroker crank, please contact for custom fabrication.

rPRO OG Flow Mount Installation Tutorial/Video

Made in USA


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