rPRO Billet External Battery Relocator Kit

rPRO External Battery Relocator Kit:

This Relocator kit allows you to move your battery from the front to the mid section of the Ruckus. Helps with starting for high performance, high compression engines. Bolt on kit requires some light modifications and can be used with a stock or aftermarket fuel pump. 


- rPRO Billet Battery Box Cover
- rPRO Secondary Bracket
- Hardware

Instructions on how to install through photos:

Pieces laid out with required tools

Shave down tab on to allow plate to sit flush. Drill out hole to 8mm.

Secondary Bracket

Install secondary bracekt to upper crossmember and bolt bottom plate to drilled out 8mm holes on frame.

Place battery in the center and install battery tie down.

Box Covers

Use Locktite to assemble plates as shown

Install rear plate

Install top plate

Install fuel pump and your done. Make sure you tighten all the bolts as your assembling