rPRO GY6 Plug-n-Play 11-Pole Harness

Unlike other harness on the market, our harness is equipped with all the stock OEM Honda Ruckus functions, i.e. E.C.U., electric fuel pump, high/low beam indicator, fuel light and fuel sensor. Plus, we offer a lifetime warranty on each harness. Tailor made from a brand new OEM Honda Ruckus harness for your GY6 swap kit. Made of 100% OEM Honda wires, install is simple and direct, voltage reading provided on fuse terminal and tested for 10-15 minutes running time. Satisfaction guaranteed!!

This is a special order item, each harness is made to order. Takes approximately 14-20 business days. Please contact us for inquiry.

• rPRO Plug-n-Play harness 

• 11-Pole stator, flywheel & rectifier 


• We recommend using the original Yuasa YTZ7S Ruckus battery with our harness. Other cell or lithium type batteries such as Ballistic or Shorai are not recommended and we will NOT WARRANTY our harness if these type of batteries are used. We recommend using acid type batteries. The Braille 106 is recommended when upgrading to a larger size battery. 

Not included:
GY6 ignition coil (this component is sold separately, or included with your GY6 engine purchase). Our harness utilizes all your sensors and control functions. Keep your stock ECU and stock fuel pump. No need to replace with a vacuum pump. Soldered and shrink wrapped. All harnesses are tested and guaranteed. OEM Honda black & blue relays required from your stock harness.

DISCLAIMER: Your warranty will be void if you tamper, alter or change any part of the harness from its original state, with exception of the fuel sending unit connector. This connector will need to be transferred from your original harness and replaced with the one on the plug-n-play harness. Simply call or email us for tech support during business hours if you need assistance.

$390 ($440 regular price, save $50!)

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